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Middleton Elderly Aid (MEA) is a local charity which is part of the Neighbourhood Network Scheme.

The Neighbourhood Network Schemes provide a range of services and activities for older people across Leeds. The schemes are supported by Leeds Social Services as well as other funding streams. They are managed by local people who decide what they want from their scheme.

Our purpose is to help support the over 60's community of Middleton by providing a range of services and activities which promote independence and healthy living.
We currently have five members of staff and over twenty volunteers.

Our friendly staff and volunteers are always pleased to help or if we are unable to do so we will endeavour to find someone who can.




Middleton Elderly Aid, 18 Middleton Park Road, Leeds, LS10 3ST, Tel: 0113 2721050
Registered Charity No 1100601– A company registered in England & Wales NO 4826020